Business Intelligence Analyst CV Template

A business analyst requires experience from diverse set of domains teaching, consulting, risk management, data processing. He or she should be erudite in writing research papers. To have a publications is an added advantage to the business analyst and research papers have lot of demands in all types of industries. An experience in Naval, government, teaching organizations cab boost your chances of getting resume selected. Sometimes employer gets so impressed with CV, that they ask only few questions during the interview process. You can download CV template by clicking on download button.

If you have done any language courses or any degree from foreign university, please make sure to add them as it adds a lot of weight to your CV. Please do not add too much of golden plating into your CV as it gives false and fake impressions to the recruiters. If you have any professional certifications, then please do add them as it will help to getting selected for interview. If you have any legislative experience, then please do them. Rich companies like J P Morgan are keen to have such people on board.