No experience needed jobs Sydney

To seek job in Sydney is little hard job because it is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Sydney is the international student hub. Lot of graduate teens from South American countries and European region gets working holiday visa. This visa allows them to travel and work in Australia. However, since these young graduates don’t have any experience, they are always in hunt for fresher jobs. Construction worker, gardener, traffic assistant is some of no experience needed jobs Sydney. We drill down few details of such more jobs in following details along with sample template resume.

Construction worker:

construction worker

if you are physically fit and if you can lift a couple of pounds of weight easily then construction worker is the easiest job for which no experience is required. All you must do is get up early in morning because most of the construction jobs started at 5am. You can contact any local job consultant who have contacts of construction companies. Once you registered with them, they will call you early in morning and detail you the place and jobs details. The estimated salary for constructions is around $30 to $35 per hour in Sydney.

Steel worker: Steel is core part of any building construction. Lot of construction places requires steel installation and removal. This is team work as you must lift long sheets of steel. You should have good muscle power in your hand to do this kind of jobs. You can easily get paid $40 for working in steel construction.

Plumber: Pluming is highly demanding job in Hostels. Hostels is cheaper place to stay as you share room with other tourists from different countries. Usually tourist in hostels stay for couple of weeks at max. Since people are always coming and going in hostels, management always need people to do plumbing jobs like leaked water in bathrooms.

Roofer: roofing is regular work where number of people are required to do roofing and tiling of roofs. You don’t need any experience and you can learn roofing by learning and watching your fellow workers. Contractors usually hires 15-20 men for this type of jobs and one can get paid from $20-$25 for roofing jobs.

Painters: Wall painting, car painting or fixing leakage in walls using paint primer are some examples work related to painting. Painters gets paid in the ball park of $35 to $40 as this is little strenuous and exhausting job.

Operating engineers: Operating engineers are required at various drilling and mechanic tasks to operate systems. This requires little understanding of time and pressure measures which are taught at graduate and high school level.

Electrician: Various types of electrician are required for installing fans, air conditioners, lining. These requires fundamental knowledge of physics.

Assistant of explosive worker: You work as assistant for explosive worker who can help to carry of explosive wires and cable for actual explosive worker. Drilling holes in walls to fit in explosive are typical type of tasks involved in this job.

Elevator installer: You don’t have to install elevator, but you help actual engineers and electricians in installing elevator.

Oil and Gas:

oil drill

There are plenty of vacancies in Oil and Gas industry from Upstream, Midstream to downstream. In Upstream Oil and Gas are collected from bottom of ocean. In Midstream, Crude Oil is analyses and go through filtration process. And downstream is the place where final Oil and gas products are sold to consumers. There are various jobs like reception at the Gas pump counter to accounting person.

Carpenter: North Sydney, Inner west and Eastern suburbs has many carpeting jobs available to due massive constructions. For no experience worker in this vicinity makes around $40000 per year.

Web developer and Web or system administrator: lot of hotels in Sydney are always in hunt of good web developer for design front end of their company’s website. They easily make around $50 per hour. There are many IT companies in Paramatta where you can easily find a web developer position.

English Language teacher:

Universities in Sydney offers many language learning programs. There are large number of students from China, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand who come to Australia for learning English. Freelance teaching is one of the hottest booming job in Sydney and it requires no experience if you are coming from native English-speaking countries like USA or UK.

Security guard and bouncer: Sydney has many hostels and night clubs where there is always demand of good muscular security guards and bouncers. Night clubs in Kind Cross area is always crowed with drunk people and security guard job can get you easily $60 per hour even in un popular night clubs.

Farming: Western Australia and Inner region Australia has very scarce population. There is scarcity of labor from harvesting crops to packing food. It also requires prior experience as farming authorizes helps with training programs for new joiners. This is work where you must get your hands dirty, but it is worth.

Massage therapist:

From Sydney to cairns, there are many massage spa and parlors. Anyone can become massage therapist after paying for $200 training programs. Certified massage therapist easily earns $30-$40 per hours. You also get a good tip amounts from wealthy customers.

Assistant Nurse: Becoming nurse requires somewhat 3 years of academic degree but you can take a 6-month diploma course where you can assist nurses in hospital or NGOs.

Nanny: Bondi beach in Sydney and Brisbane city has many Nanny jobs. These are jobs where you must take care of children from toddlers to young 5 years old babies. It requires no prior experience and some customers also pay to nannies for their house rents.

Community service: Churches, Hospitals, city events like marathons always need lot of volunteer and these volunteers are also sometimes get paid for their service.

Account at groceries shop: Major shopping malls like Woolworth, Farmer’s market, Choles’ have vacancies of account, customer care reception. These are well paid jobs with good incentives.  

Real estate agent or sales team: if you are good with speaking and marketing, real estate marketing is definitely good job for you. You get commission for every house you sold. You need to have lot of marketing knowledge and real estate background for these types of jobs.

Insurance agent: This is more like real estate jobs, but commission is little less when you work as a freelance insurance agent. If you are a full-time employee, then you may get good salary, but such type of permanent jobs is rare.  

Cleaner: Cleaner jobs are usually available at restaurant, but the pay is less and not enough to cover living expense expenses in Australia. Lot of full-time students works as a part time cleaner at restaurants to cover their tuition fees.

Event planner: Sydney harbor is tourist attraction. Many events take during entire time of year from January to December. Event organizers need event coordinator and movers which requires no experience. Pay are usually between $30-$35 for these event organizers and planners.

Online jobs: There are various online jobs like freelancer programmer, data entry, search engine optimization. However, these types of jobs require little technical experience but it nowadays very common as lot of young generation is aware of social networking platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

Pest control worker: Australia has one of the largest amounts of forests in the world. Pest control in Australia requires license, however it can be easily gettable if you attend some training program. Also, this job works during all season regardless it is summer or winter. Pest controller gets paid around $50 per hour which is not bad salary in a country like Australia.

Gardner & Tree pruners:

A gardner with a weed wacker.

Large number of Australian families have independent houses where they need gardeners on daily basis to cut the grass or to feed water to plants. For gardening you may get paid around $25 per hour which is not bad. Sydney encounter lot of rain during July to September. Workers for cutting grass and pruning tree are in high in demand during this peak season. Places like blue mountain national park have lot of vacancies in these jobs.

Housekeeping: Housekeeping jobs has flexible hours timing as tourist keep arriving and departing in hotels. Some hotels also provide on site parking if you have a car. Also, you get chance to meet travelers from different countries and server government dignitaries.

Author: Amazon provides free publishing to anyone. You can write a book and get published using amazon. You book may take time to write, publish and distribution but if successful you can earn lot of money in less amount time.

Singer: We occasionally see many street singers in metropolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Although one need to have lot of artistic skills to sing in front of crowd, but many times street singes are get paid during festival seasons like new year or October fest.

Acting: some small startup provide acting classes in Sydney are inexpensive. You can easily get job in threaten if you have basic acting skills or training.

Driver: Australia allow renting and driving in their cities provided to foreigners provided they have valid international driving license. You can drive taxi or get a Uber in Australia.

Surfer or diver:


Australia has more than 10000 beaches that connected and over 85% Australian live at the coastal area. There are many training programs for surfer and diver available at economical prices and last over a month. Also pay scale is good for surfer and diver and it requires minimal amount diving suits and materials. Approximately beginner surfer is paid around $30 per hour to $40 per hour and have flexible working hours.

Manufacturing plants: Water filtration plants have automated system that require less experience. It majorly involves, switching on and off machine as per given instruction and it requires less or no prior experience provided training is provided to person.